At Derm10, we’re truly passionate about skin.

It is our belief that everyone is naturally beautiful. But it is only with proper and effective skin care that beauty will be maintained properly and age appropriately, gracefully.

We take great pride in providing honest and effective products to our consumers. So instead of spending time on huge marketing campaigns and advertisements, we focus our heart and soul into developing better quality products. We believe that everyone should have access to good and affordable skincare. And to stay true to our beliefs, our brands have not had a price increase in 15 years.

Founded in 1996, our brand team operates under the guidance of our Founder and Managing Director Dr CY Chow, who has been Malaysia’s pioneer cosmetic dermatologist since 1995. As a perfectionist and passionate individual who is devoted to developing quality and efficient skincare, he constantly inspires us to push our limits in providing the very best to our consumers.


A renowned medical professional pioneering the aesthetic field, Dr Chow is the founder of Derm10 skincare range.

With nearly two decades worth of experience in the beauty industry, he has, over the years, also helped built many other skincare brands in the Malaysian market. His pioneer brand Derm10, a range that has been developed to specifically treat problematic Asian skin such as acne and pigmentation since 1996, remains in active distribution throughout the country till this very day.

Having been in the industry for so long, what more with a long list of royalty and celebrity clients under his belt, Dr Chow has been well trained to develop nothing but the best formulation for his clients. The quality of our products is of high therapeutic standards, and we constantly improve our products by seeking the latest in skincare technologies to bring you the best there is.

Being a man of practicality and simplicity, Dr Chow maintains that all our resources are focused on to our ingredients rather than gimmicky advertisement. Therefore, you will find that our products are packed and designed in the simplest and most straightforward way possible.

At 70 years of age, he now mainly focuses on the manufacturing side of the business. He participates aggressively in the creation of new items and overseas the quality control of all his products. Being a skincare perfectionist, he is constantly in contact with our group of chemists and raw ingredient suppliers to get the latest updates and news on skincare trends and advancement.

To help bring out the natural beauty and confidence that exists within every individual

To develop a skincare brand that is as effective as having a skin doctor at home with you everyday