Anti Blemish Cleanser

anti blemish cleanser

Achieve exceptional clean face without the harshness.

Developed for oily and blemish-prone skin, this BHA formulated cleanser will help exfoliate dead skin cells and remove excessive sebum oil that causes congested skin.

Especially ideal for uneven and blemish skin.


  • Reduces the appearance of uneven skin surface
  • Unclogs congested pores
  • Balances sebum production for healthier skin

Anti Blemish Toner

anti blemish toner

Create that optimum environment for blemish treatments.

This anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial skin tonic will help maintain skin’s PH balance and refresh inflammed skin. Protects skin from environmental irritants and free radicals to prevent further skin congestions.

Especially ideal for blemish and oily skin.


  • Eliminates excess sebum
  • Rebalances skin’s natural ph levels
  • Purifies skin from free radicals and environmental pollutants

Comedone Complex

Our super potent herbal lotion for stubborn blackheads, results in 7 days!

This targeted herbal treatment lotion penetrates deeply into the epidermis to effectively remove stubborn blackheads and congestions. Complete with AHA and BHA, it is designed to prevent further formation of comedones.

For all skin types, especially ideal for blemished and oily skin.


  • Fast and effective removal of blackheads
  • Discourages future occurance of comedones
  • Normalises skin’s natural regenerative turnover

Sebum Gel

Free your skin from blemishes and breakouts!

Feel the visible difference with this refreshing treatment gel that works effectively to reduce blemishes and breakouts. Keeps oily skin under control to prevent further congestion of the skin.

Especially ideal for blemish and oily skin.


  • Exfoliates away dead skin cells to reveals clearer and smoother skin
  • Targets and treats blemishes gently yet effectively
  • Skin feels clear and refreshed

Oil Control Lotion

The most cooling and anti-inflammatory relief for irritated skin

By rebalancing sebum secretion, this topical ointment is a gentle way to nurture the skin back to its natural healthy state. Its well known calming properties will also help ease the soreness that is almost always present in blemish prone skin.

Especially ideal for blemished and oily skin.


  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Skin will feel relieved and refreshed
  • Reduces redness and itchiness caused by environmental irritants

Blemish Control Complex

Targets and combats blemishes with the power of Tea Tree Oil.

This fast acting anti-blemish cream helps maintain sebum secretion and reduces skin congestions. Effectively reduces the size of blemishes yet is gentle enough not to cause unneccesary skin irritation.

Especially ideal for blemished and oily skin.


  • Achieve clearer and smoother looking skin
  • Prevents further breakouts
  • Controls excess sebum to maintain skin’s healthy ph levels

Smoothening Complex

Smooth out uneven skin with this simple yet effective exfoliating formulation, results in 7 days!

Formulated with a Glycolic Acid 20% base, this fast acting emulsion works on skin surface to exfoliate dead skin cells, which then enables effective skin regeneration.

Suitable for normal to oily skin, especially ideal for blemish and dull looking skin


  • Smooth and even skin texture
  • Clearer and more radiant looking skin
  • Balances up skin tone

Sebum Control Masque

Reactivates skin’s own natural defenses against free radicals and blemishes

In just 20 minutes, this sebum regulating cream masque works deep down to give overly stressed blemised skin some much needed therapeutic nurturing. It gently reinforces the skin’s barrier for optimum blemish control.

Especially ideal for blemished and oily skin.


  • Calms and detoxifies congested skin
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
  • Unclog pores and helps maintain sebum secretion