Intense Hydro Gel

Intense hydro gel

Give your skin a feel good spa session with this intense hydrating booster!

This oil-free Hyaluronic Acid gel effectively reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Vital for tissue repair, this water based product delivers poweful hydrating effects by attracting water molecules from the environment to the skin while stimulating new cell growth.

For all skin types, especially ideal for dry skin.


  • Rehydrates and firms up tired looking skin
  • Repairs stressed skin caused by free radicals
  • Retains skin’s natural moisture balance

Hydrating Essence

Activate and strengthen the skin’s abilities to regenerate with newer and healthier cells.

Retinol spheres ensure the freshness of vitamins and minerals upon each pump. Penetrates deeply into the epidermis to renew and rebalance cell division.

Especially ideal for dry and aging skin.


  • Delivers precise concentration of nutrients to the skin
  • Activates and promotes skin cell production
  • Repairs dehydrated skin caused by harsh environment

a.m. Repair Gel

am repair gel

Recharge your skin with this lightweight moisture boost.

This nourishing blend of oil free extracts will strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier to help prevent dehydration caused by harsh environment. Leaves skin feeling healthy and hydrated without the oily grease.

For all skin types, especially ideal for normal to dry skin.


  • Instant moisture boost
  • Repairs skin damaged by harsh weather conditions
  • Cushions skins to prevent further dehydration

Overnight H2O Masque

A burst of refreshment for your skin!

Works on a cellular level to help protect skin against damages caused by exposure to harsh and changing environment. Restore skin’s moisture balance overnight, and discover healthy nourished skin in the morning.

For all skin types, but especially suitable for dry skin.


  • Counteracts overnight dehydration
  • Fresh and healthy looking skin
  • Optimum skin protection against harsh environment
  • Increases cell turnover