Balancing Face Wash

balancing face wash

Provides the most comfortable feel skin your skin has ever known!

Effectively cleanses away free radicals and impurities while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. Ensures that your skin is kept at optimum ph levels for efficient skin cell renewals.

For all skin types.


  • Results in comfortable and clean skin
  • Reduces irritation that comes with active lifestyle
  • Purifies skin for a fresher and healthier look

Balancing Face Tonic

balancing skin tonic

Create the most optimum environment for your skin!

This neutralising lotion nourishes and rebalances the skin condition for healthier skin. Enriched with extracts of Green Tea, Chamomile and Grapefruit, it will prime your skin for better absorption of other Derm10 products.

For all skin types.


  • Restore and recharge skin’s natural condition
  • Boosts skin’s natural defense
  • Removes impurities without drying